One-on-One Advice Tailored For Your Success

Austin National Financial Services was established in 1986 to deliver exceptional financial advisory and investment management services. Our founder, Jim Cook, laid down the foundation for a wealth management firm that provides personalized service with open communication at its core.

The unwavering commitment to this vision since day one remains an integral part of what makes Austin National a trusted name. We believe that a financial advisor should be a partner to their clients, and not just a salesperson - as an independent firm, we collaborate with our clients to not only meet their needs, but exceed them.

Nikki A. Naylor CFP®


Nikki has been helping individuals in the financial services industry since 2000. She started as a securities analyst and trader for a money management firm and transitioned into a financial planner where she developed comprehensive strategies for mid to high net worth clients.

During her career, Nikki has worked with just about every aspect of our business. She has an unusual combination of operational experience and industry knowledge that allows her to immediately ascertain not only what should be done, but more importantly, what can be done.

In 2005, Nikki moved to Austin and joined Jim Cook, the founder of Austin National Financial Services. Her passion for working closely with individuals and having a direct and positive impact on their lives brought her to our boutique client-centered firm.

With a sense of curiosity that drives her to learn, compassion that drives her to care, and commitment to see even the toughest tasks through to completion, Nikki is valuable to clients, staff, and advisors alike. She takes the time to learn each client’s situation, leverages on her experience to guide them through their financial decisions and effectively communicates solutions geared towards their goals.

She believes that communication is the key to any investment strategy - in addition to analyzing various markets and investments, Nikki loves helping clients understand them as well. Open communication is also what drives her ability to fine tune portfolios that compliments each client’s stage in life.

Nikki graduated from Westminster College with a BS in Accounting and later obtained her Certified Financial Planner™ designation. When she’s not working, Nikki loves spending time with her husband and son. She also enjoys playing various sports and hiking in the great outdoors.

Nicole Webster

Administrative Manager

Nicole has been in her current role at Austin National for over 3 years. As an administrative manager, she is involved with the day-to-day needs of the clients.

Because Nicole believes that client experience is an important factor when it comes to choosing the right financial advisor, she dedicates herself to getting to know the clients so that she can give each one of them a personalized experience with the firm. But that’s just the perks of the job - she truly enjoys interacting with the clients!

Nicole has found her job to be the perfect way to use her strengths (talking to people, organization, problem solving) while expanding her skills by learning new things through the ever-evolving world of finance. She strives to continuously grow in her job while enjoying the process along the way.

Nicole spends her free time reading and gardening, and other creative hobbies. She loves to spend time with family and her dog, Ollie. She enjoys all types of service opportunities, especially within her church community.

Maylene Poulsen

Accounts Manager

Maylene is an account manager with a passion for the financial industry. She has been working in accounts management for almost a year and has recently started taking on certifications through FINRA.

She loves all the details of her work, from meeting new clients to helping them navigate the nitty-gritty details of financial documentation. Maylene enjoys problem solving and figuring out the best way to implement a solution, as well as working with numbers and data. Her favorite part about this career is that it gives her opportunities to pursue her professional goals while still enjoying what she does.

Maylene enjoys her time outside of work hiking, baking, cooking and spending time with her husband and their two daughters. She also volunteers in her church youth program and loves exploring all the local food spots around Austin (especially if there’s chips and queso on the menu).

Ethan Gilbert CFP®


Ethan is a financial advisor for Austin National and helps his clients align their goals with a step-by-step planning process geared towards reaching them. He has been working in the financial industry since 2017.

Ethan enjoys the complexity of financial planning and finding solutions to problems. The best part of his job is knowing that what he does for our clients allows them to live their lives with clarity and peace of mind. He chose to join the world of financial planning because it combines his two greatest strengths: his love for numbers and passion for helping others.

Ethan is a native of Austin and graduated with Bachelor's Degree in Finance from St. Edwards University. While attending St. Edwards, he was a Division II collegiate athlete for the men's basketball team. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family, staying active, and traveling to see new places.